With Andrea Walsh


“The Alexander Technique works… I recommend it enthusiastically to anyone who has neck pain or back pain”

Roald Dahl, writer


The Alexander Technique is fun!


The Alexander Technique is easy to learn




Regain your balance and poise


Reduce muscular effort


Gentle hands on contact


Lessons with me in a warm, friendly environment


Helps relieve shoulder and arm pain

Unlearn your unwanted habits with simple, everyday activities


Learn how to reduce stress and tension


Learn how to go ‘up’ in stature


“Lessons in the Alexander Technique have long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain”

British Medical Journal on back pain clinical trial

How do I learn it

Alexander TechniqueLessons consist of gentle hands-on by your teacher together with a verbal explanation to help you experience what lightness and economy of use is possible for day to day activities, for example, standing, walking, sitting, and bending.

Most teachers work with students in lying down using a Alexander ‘table’ and in sitting and standing, using a chair.

Some people have a short course of lessons to learn the basics, others prefer to take their understanding to a deeper level by continuing with regular lessons.  The choice is yours.

The technique is not something which is ‘done to you’, but which you are a participant.  There are things to take away from each lesson to try out for yourself in your daily life.

Lessons can be a life changing experience. As you let go on the old unwanted habits of a lifetime, life can become more enriching and fulfilling.