With Andrea Walsh


“Lessons in the Alexander Technique have long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain”

British Medical Journal on back pain clinical trial


Helps relieve shoulder and arm pain


Lessons with me in a warm, friendly environment


Reduce muscular effort


“The Alexander Technique works… I recommend it enthusiastically to anyone who has neck pain or back pain”

Roald Dahl, writer


The Alexander Technique is fun!


Regain your balance and poise


Gentle hands on contact


Learn how to reduce stress and tension


Learn how to go ‘up’ in stature

Unlearn your unwanted habits with simple, everyday activities


The Alexander Technique is easy to learn




IMGP1308IMGP1107In 2009 I was involved in a car accident and sustained a whiplash injury and as a result suffered with stiffness and neck pain since, even though I’ve had physio treatment on several occasions.

I came across a magazine article about the ‘Alexander Technique’ and that it had been used in trials for the treatment of back pain.  The trails had been very successful and they were going to be repeated for sufferers of neck pain.  I was intrigued and looked for more information via the internet.  I found Andrea’s website and booked a trial with her.

When I meet Andrea she explained the principles of the Technique and took me through my first lesson.  It was a very interesting experience and at this stage I wasn’t sure what I would gain from the Technique.  I hadn’t known what to expect, it wasn’t like anything I had ever tried before, it certainly wasn’t like an exercise class or physio treatment.  So I booked another lesson for the following week.

Whilst driving home after the lesson something happened.  As I approached a junction I looked right, then left and right again.  That was it, the moment I knew that the ‘Alexander Technique’ would work for me.  It can only be described as a ‘Revelation’ a totally free feeling of movement in my neck without pain.  It was wonderful, I couldn’t remember the last time I had experienced such a free feeling in my neck.  My next lesson with Andrea couldn’t come soon enough.

Christine B, Rochdale

I first attended an AT lesson with Andrea after suffering a back injury which didn’t seem to be improving despite following the advice of various physios and my GP.  A friend of my parents recommended Andrea and the AT following an improvement in the symptoms of a neck problem she had. 

At this point I was willing to try anything as I was in a great deal of discomfort and had been off work for months.  I wasn’t really holding out much hope of an improvement but straight away I realised that this technique was quite different to anything I had tried before and before long I felt a small improvement which continued to the point where I was able to return to work.  

That was nearly six years ago and I have continued to follow the techniques I was taught by Andrea which seem to help my body help itself and although I do have a very occasional flare up, I feel more in control when this happens and more importantly I have techniques to prevent this happening in the first place. 

A few years ago my sister, who lives in London, began experiencing back problems and sciatica and spent a fortune on various physios and sports massages with no improvement whatsoever.  She was reluctant to pay out any more money on yet another treatment so I booked and paid for a session for her with an AT teacher in London and although extremely sceptical beforehand, she attended the appointment and for the first time in months said the pain went away whilst she was there.  It did return shortly afterwards but she was so impressed that she attended a course of sessions and was soon on the road to recovery.  

I would not hesitate to recommend Andrea or the AT to anyone. 

Rachel P, Saddleworth

I would like to say thank you very much for the excellent work you have done on my back which is much straighter (even the family has commented) and pain free. 

I am finding he techniques you taught me so useful in all sorts of ways and I am gradually getting to the stage where I am using them automatically in most of the physical things I do and my back is really benefiting.  I am particularly pleased that I can now work in the garden for hours and not suffer for it the next day. I wish I had known about the Alexander Technique a long time ago.

Anne S, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield

I felt at the end of every session that I could straighten my back a little more and it helped that you showed me a position to lie in which helped, and I tried to practise it, and still do.

Mary H, Uppermill

I have been receiving lessons from Andrea for over a year now. When I first started I had some back problems and very painful neck and shoulders. After the first session I felt so much better and since then  I have gradually learned to become aware of the way I sit and move and how this has contributed to my problems. I am now mindful much of the time and try to use the techniques I have learned. 

Andrea is very experienced and has a lovely, gentle manner which makes you feel relaxed. Alexander is now very much a part of my life. 

Margaret H, Manchester

Andrea is a wonderful teacher of AT and I cannot recommend her highly enough

She has worked with AT for many years and her knowledge shows in her treatments. As  I left her after a lesson I always felt immediately lighter, as if I was walking on air A wonderful feeling.

Marilyn H, Denshaw

I had a series of lessons in 2012-3 and benefitted greatly from Andrea’s guidance.  How to sit down and stand up from chairs stood me in good stead when I subsequently had a hip replacement, as I was able to put less strain on the new hip.  My only regret is that I moved away and could not continue with Andrea. 

Elisabeth W, Scotland

I suffer with arthritis and use an elbow stick I am aged 88.

I was introduced to Andrea and the ‘Alexander Technique’ by my daughter she has found it to be a great advantage after suffering whiplash from a car accident.

For myself it has helped me to relax and improve movement. I like to bake & cook, but standing in the kitchen for more than half an hour caused back pain. So I went to see Andrea, she explained the Alexander Technique and I started my lessons. Within three weeks my back pain had gone. My elbow crutch had to be lengthened. I had straightened up and was standing at least an inch taller.

I did 6 weeks altogether but still visit every 2 months, so that I do not slip back into bad habits such as bad posture, slouching etc.

Grace W, Chadderton

In an attempt to get back on my bike I had a course of Alexander Technique sessions with Andrea recently as a result of a back injury which was preventing me from cycling. I genuinely had no idea of how the science of Alexander Technique works, but went along following a recommendation by a friend and I have to say it was a revelation. I am still not 100% certain how it works, but I am certain it does. The whole experience was fantastic, Andrea’s approach is informal and friendly, but at the same time very professional, she even arranged for me to set my bike up on an indoor turbo trainer to give me advice on bike posture.

Suffice to say my back is better and I am back on my bike. If ever I feel the back twinges coming on I go back to Andrea’s advice and spend a few minutes following her guidance to re-centre things.

I could not recommend Andrea highly enough.

 Chris S, Mirfield

I read about the Alexander Technique in a magazine article.

After many years trying different treatments and still being in pain I booked my first session with Andrea not really knowing what to expect. I had pain in my neck and shoulders constantly and thought some AT sessions might help me a little…… And they certainly did. I would like to thank Andrea for the amazing work she did on me. I continue to go for the odd session even though I am pain free as I find the sessions very relaxing.  Thank you again Andrea I don’t think you realise how amazing you are!!

Jane W, Huddersfield

I would just like to say how much I feel I am benefitting from attending the Alexander Technique sessions.  I always feel improvement on leaving them and several friends have noticed the improvement in my posture. 

Previously my wife was becoming quite concerned that I was developing quite a stoop because of my back pain problem which has now considerably eased.

Chris B, Oldham

I really benefited from just a few sessions, learning some basics from this technique was I all I needed for my lower back pain and I continue to use the technique years later.

Zeph C, Oldham

I have suffered from neck and shoulder pain all my working life,  and for 7 years had lower back pain as well. I tried chiropractors, physiotherapists, pilates and yoga classes over the space of several years, and they all eased the pain but none of them got rid of it. Finally, I tried the Alexander Technique.  Within 2 months my neck and shoulders pain had completely gone and now, 10 months later my lower back pain is dramatically improved. The cause of all my problems was poor posture and I now know how to sit, stand and move correctly to minimise the strain on my body and prevent the build up of tension I previously suffered.

Andrea has been a huge help and lessons are always a really friendly and enjoyable experience. I can highly recommend both Andrea and the Alexander Technique.

Anne R, Rochdale

Alexander Lessons are very beneficial. I started taking them as a result of neck and shoulder pain. After three steroid injections failed me this Technique produced the pain relief I needed. I am now clear of pain and  enjoy  lessons to refresh my practice. I find them stress relieving and I feel really great after each session. I recommend these to anyone who will listen because it’s easy to promote something when you know it works. 

Linda M, Saddleworth