With Andrea Walsh
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Andrea Walsh Alexander Technique Teacher

Andrea Walsh Alexander Technique Teacher

“Can the Alexander Technique help me?”

“Is it something to do with posture?”

These are common questions asked by people thinking of trying Alexander Technique lessons.  It’s so much more than posture.

What do the following situations have in common?
A call centre operator with an aching shoulder;
after a day at work;
a mum of young children with lower back pain;
a teacher with voice problems; a rock climber with tightness in her wrists.

They all suffer from excessive tension and stress.
The Alexander Technique can help, by teaching people to ‘unlearn’  habits which interfere with our poise and balance.  It’s counter intuitive!  Fancy learning to ‘unlearn’!

I have undertaken 3 years of full time training to become a fully qualified Alexander Technique Teacher and have been teaching it full time since 2010.

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